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6lb 1 ounce River Ribble Chub

What a day, I targeted the roach under what I considered perfect conditions, I started off float fishing with a 15 foot rod, centre pin reel and 4lb line with a 5 AA shot float fished double rubber and a size 16 hook completed the tackle set up. I chose to stret-peg but all I could get were minnows. I tried bread flake and crust on a size 12 hook. Nothing. Packing away the float tackle I changed over to light legering with small cubes of crust and flake on a size 10 hook. I had lots of small pulls but just couldn't connect. I was pretty certain they were from roach. After about 2 hours feeding mashed bread the chub moved in. It wasn't a problem as I was more than happy to catch these great winter fish. Using small cubes of crust I started off by catching a couple of barbel about 6lbs each. Just as dusk settled over the river I felt a light pluck then a determined pull. It turned out to be a chub of 6-1-0. I had a few more chub most averaged about 2lbs, though I did have one of 4lbs.Catching that big chub and the barbel on Monday has given me two great fish in a week. When we weighed the chub, my mate Dave Foster said "Now that's what I call a big chub" Hopefully this winter will be very wet and mild, if so I reckon we will get some great sport.

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