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Security at the Waterside

Angling has always been seen as a peaceful quiet sport practised by millions young and old, sadly over the past few years we have seen a change at the waterside. Back in the 1980's 90's there were odd reports of tackle thefts from vehicles, garden sheds and garages with the occasional item of tackle at the waterside.

Since 2000 things have changed quite dramatically, today anglers are being attacked at the waterside. Anglers at a trout fishery at Caton near Lancaster were attacked and beaten by animal rights activists, an angler in Thatcham Berkshire was robbed and bound then had an estimated 5000-00 worth of equipment taken. A few weeks later an angler fishing the River Thames was attacked and stabbed. Recently Thames Valley police visited a fishery giving out advice to anglers on how to protect their equipment. Many anglers today are purchasing alarm systems to protect their bivvy.

In the past the stealing of salmon and sea trout were the only fish that these thieves were interested in. Not today fisheries countrywide still waters and rivers are being targeted by gangs stealing barbel, chub, carp and tench, in fact any fish that swims are being targeted. Many of these thieves are from east European countries. who are often violent when approached. I've experienced these odious people. The bailiffs on my water are ex-servicemen who can look after themselves, it certainly keeps my fishery safe and the members happy.

Not before time, we now have some real security available if needed through a new company designed for anglers and fishery interests. Gareth Cook an ex army security and close protection officer was recently working in Iraq so he knows his business. This guy really knows how to look after your fishery or your personal safety. If a few of you are fishing a big water, why not club together and get Gareth and his friends to check out the area. Having worked with similar guys to Gareth I know how good they are at their job. Why not give Gareth a call on 07727119060 E-mail

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