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TFG Sleeping Bag from Tackle Discounts

At 72 years of age I notice the cold much more than I did in my 40ís, in fact when I was carp fishing back in the 1950ís I made do with an army blanket and some big safety pins. We had no camp beds, just the lakeside or river bank, sometimes it was quite comfortable, other times it could be very uncomfortable especially if you had a red ants nest close by. It seemed ants donít sleep when they had he chance to bite.

We had no bivvies, it was either an army groundsheet hooked on 4 sticks cut from the hedgerow, or if camping was allowed we would pitch a small pup tent, though if you should touch the inside it leaked badly. Today thankfully we have a selection of bed chairs, bivvies and sleeping bags.

We all agree that this past winter has been one of the coldest for perhaps thirty years. Though it hasnít stopped me being on the river bank for five or more sessions a week often until well past midnight. On the first occasion with the temperature down to minus 8 I thought I would have a cold and uncomfortable night. I didnít need to worry, the TFG sleeping bag I purchased from Discount Tackle shop in Swindon recommended to me by long time carp angler Phil Chun was perfect for keeping warm. I reckon itís got to be the warmest and comfortable sleeping bag I have used.

During the past few months, I havenít had one single night when I have felt cold. Apart from my long Johns and vest I donít wear any other clothing when Iím asleep. This past winter I have taken several anglers with me who have had some very miserable nights because their sleeping bags were not up to the job. One angler had two sleeping bags, that combined were not as thick or warm as my old army blanket. Needless to say they didnít catch much and wanted to go home early.

I reckon my TFG sleeping bag raises the standard to a new level in combating the plummeting temperatures and icy, cold weather conditions of the past winter. Micro fleece lining for extra comfort and warmth Latest heat retaining 'hollow-fibre' insulation Essential during cold winter sessions. What I did like was the strap to secure the bag to bed chair and the pocket at the bottom of the bag to fit over my bed chair. My only complaint is the stuff bag is too small; also I would like to see a zip fitted. Apart from that small criticism I can recommend this bag for all seasons fishing, though in the summer you will no doubt sleep with it unzipped. Price at Tackle Discounts shop in Swindon is £44-99 Telephone 0845-299-0602 e-mail

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