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Accountant's Big Carp From Half Frozen Lake

Accountant Nina Chun joined husband Phil of Cotswold Baits for single overnight session and as Phil said. "It was pretty cold"

With no signs of fish and half the lake frozen things were looking grim, Nina's rod baited with a single 14mm UFO boilie, fished the bait to a patch of dead lilies, where they had baited with 2kg of matching boilies. It was untouched during the night. At 9-0am the following morning the buzzer screamed as the bait runner gave line. After a good scrap the fish eventually went into the net first time. On the scales it weighed 26lb exactly, a great result for her first session of the year, and showing Phil the way it should be done! The fish was beaten using 3lb T C Bruce Ashby Mirage rod, Shimano 8010 reel, 12lb line, 20kg braid hooklength with a 2oz flat lead.See picture of Nina's carp

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