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Botch up by the Environment Agency

This is the latest update on the River Aire Effluent problem. The following are letters between me and the local EA. At the bottom of this piece I have detailed what has happened today Seeing fish dying through the behaviour of idiots makes me angry Doesn't anyone care.

Hi Martin I am just back from a weeks holiday, hence late reply to your E-mails. Having spoken with colleagues, I understand the problems at Heslaker farm have now been resolved. Thanks you for your help in dealing with this matter. Regards Pat

Dear Pat Where do you get the idea that the problem is resolved. Its still there, but covered partially by sand. We have lost a lot of fry how many big fish are we going to lose before the EA get to grips with the problem and cure it. This is not good enough Sincerely Martin James

I have just returned from the River Aire where I was joined by a journalist and photographer from the Craven Herald. Another member Barry Leeson was also present. Barry has written to his MP about this horrid business. As we stood at the waterside we watched small fry dying in the effluent escaping from the area where the dam was demolished. Its a bloody disgrace. I do not know what more I can do. Also there was liquid coming down the pipe. It wasn't surface water because we haven't had any rain. Also the chub in the pool below have disappeared I can usually get them taking bread off the top. Nothing. Cheers Martin

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