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Effluent in River Aire

Latest update today there was sewage in the pool of effluent. Another guy Barry Leeson from Skipton noticed the problem and called the EA as did Dave Sumerscales. When I arrived Barry was on site. The guy from the EA arrived, and we got the impression he was quite shocked at what he was seeing. As he told us This is a class 1 river and this is certainly a big problem. He went off to ask the farmer if he could pump off the effluent. The farmer hoped to do something for us over the weekend, even though this nothing to do with him. He is just helping out at the request of myself or the EA. I try to make sure that Matthew who pumps off the stuff gets a few cans of beer. Seeing Barry and David at the site makes me feel better knowing others are noticing this effluent. I am no longer a voice in the wilderness. I had a letter my MP Nigel Evans today who writes

Dear Martin Many thanks for your recent letter regarding difficulties you have experienced in gaining a reply from Head of Fisheries at the Environment Agency. I have written with your concern to the Rt Hon Margaret Becket MP Secretary of State for the Environment, Fisheries and Food. As soon as I receive a reply I shall be in contact.

Nigel said "In gaining a reply from Head of Fisheries at the Environment Agency". In fact I have had a reply from Dafydd Evans. Its getting some action to cure the problem that bothers me. No doubt a press release will come out from the EA full of spin.

David Summerscales who visited the site is the head bailiff of Bradford No 1 AA while there he shot some pictures. I also discussed with him the site of a manhole cover, we discussed various problems including what does the manhole cover hide, where does the pipe or pipes come from and where does it go? He is going to make some investigations. It was nice meeting with Barry and Dave. Both are concerned and they are going to put on more pressure including their MP's and local press. I would like to than everyone for their support.

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