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Killed by the EA's Inefficiency

Through a rise on the River Aire on Friday or Saturday night the dam broke and lots of fry were lost. I cannot put a number on the total It could be several thousand. I just don't know. When I arrived on the river today the gulls were still having a feast. I found lots of dead fry left behind in the margins. Where last week I had huge clouds of fry, most have now gone. I called the EA on 0800-807060 they didn't seem bothered. I called another guy at the EA who said he might be out later in the week. Having scoured the roadside and hedgerow today I think I might have found the pipe that runs from the road to the river. I am going to buy some table tennis balls tomorrow which I will put in the pipe and see if they end up at the bottom of my problem pipe where it comes into the river. Today I scoured my town trying to get hold of some Hessian sacks I eventually struck lucky. I have put a sack over the mouth of the pipe hoping it will trap the rubbish. Its all I can do. See picture showing dead fry

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