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River Reports

Good News For River Ribble and Calder Anglers,slight improvement on River Aire. Game and coarse anglers should enjoy some good sport on the River Ribble during the next few days.The river has had a nice lift, the water temperature has dropped and there is more oxygen. During the past couple of days weed has been a problem, but this should now have cleared. Expect barbel and chub seatrout and perhaps a few salmon. Conditions look good. Lets hope we get lots more rain. In fact I would be quite happy to see it rain for the next two weeks. River Calder chub, small barbel. Trout in upper reaches.

On the river Aire conditions haven't improved much, there was a slight lift on the river on Thursday. Lots of floating weed, I would say it wasn't possible to fish with the amount of floating weed. What we need are several days of rain. Sunday and Monday it might be worth fishing Keighley AC water at Kildwick through to Silsden. Look for the slightly faster water swims. My bait choice would be crust.

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