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River Aire Effluent Problem

Friday August 26th River Aire I was on the river very early this morning hoping not to see any dead fish through the effluent escaping. Thankfully the dam was holding.The river had gone back down. Around 11 o'clock this morning Matthew from the farm turned up to pump off the effluent. As he pumped it off, I was in the pit raking all the stinking sludge towards the pump. After what seemed hours but was probably thirty minutes the effluent was in the tanker, along with much of the sludge. All my chub fry are safe for the present time. Remember these fry are like new born babies they are very fragile. Sadly no help from the EA. All this week I have been on the river for an average of about 12 hours a day since Sunday working to save our fish. I should have been fishing with some friends chasing some big bream, and I couldn't fish the Aire as its been low and horrid.

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