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Joint Press Release from Salmon & Trout Association and Anglers’ Conservation Association

Anglers unite to fight pollution and lobby Government The Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA) and the Anglers’ Conservation Association (ACA) are delighted to announce a resumption of their close working partnership to protect, conserve and enhance the aquatic environment, and the fisheries which depend upon it, on behalf of all anglers.

At a recent meeting, clear working delineations were agreed, with ACA responsible for taking legal cases against aquatic polluters of all types and S&TA responsible for influencing Government departments and agencies with regard to water environmental policies and legislation on behalf of game fisheries.

These two key areas of work dovetail naturally together, and S&TA and ACA look forward to coordinating their respective responsibilities by means of a close liaison between the two organisations, and, indeed, within the wider unity of fisheries and angling under the Fisheries and Angling Conservation Trust (FACT).

Mark Lloyd, director of ACA, said: “The ACA is delighted to be working closely with the S&TA. This will help ensure that the collective voice of 4 million anglers is clearly heard by policy makers and polluters alike. We will be developing similar partnerships with coarse angling organisations to increase the volume and clarity of our message still further”

S&TA director, Paul Knight, commented: “S&TA is extremely enthusiastic about this new working partnership with ACA. Mark Lloyd and I are in complete agreement as to our respective areas of responsibility, and the enormous benefits to angling and fisheries that a coordinated liaison between us can produce. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership, both between S&TA and ACA and within FACT”.

The organisations’ first joint initiative will be to work together on a campaign to ban the use of cypermethrin sheep dip, which has a dramatic impact on invertebrates and salmonid fish. The ACA is investigating taking legal action against the producers of these highly toxic insecticides, whilst the S&TA is lobbying ministers and agencies.

Salmon & Trout Association: Established in 1903, S&TA is an international organisation representing the interests of game anglers, fishery owners and managers and affiliated trades. We have 15,000 individual and 85,000 club members, with offices in London and Loch Leven (Scotland), and an affiliated office in Brussels through the European Anglers Alliance (EAA). We lobby Government departments and agencies on all relevant matters affecting game anglers and fisheries, and take a lead consultative role whenever major fisheries issues are discussed at national or international level. Our work is increasingly concerned with environmental issues affecting the ecosystems that support the habitat and species upon which our sport depends.

Salmon & Trout Association, Fishmongers’ Hall, London EC4R 9EL
Tel: 020 7283 5838 email: web: Contact: Carmel Jorgensen

Anglers’ Conservation Association: Established in 1948, the ACA, takes on all polluters and others who would damage fisheries, rivers streams, lakes and ponds from the largest multinational corporations to one-man fly-tipping operations. If necessary, the ACA will pursue cases all the way to the Court of Appeal or even the House of Lords. In its entire history, the ACA has only lost three cases - a record second to none. Such is its reputation that most cases are settled out of court, with defendants being made to pay compensation to enable polluted rivers, lakes and fisheries to be cleaned up, restocked and restored. We have 12,000 individual and 1,000 club and riparian owner members.

Anglers Conservation Association, 6 Rainbow Street, Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 8DQ Tel: 01568 620447 email: web: Contact: Mark Lloyd

Fisheries and Angling Conservation Trust: is the unified umbrella body for fisheries and angling interests with a membership of the ten leading representative organisations in England. FACT seeks to influence angling and fisheries issues in which the participating organisations have a common interest, and takes a lead role in the protection and promotion of angling

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