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Wye & Usk Update - 6th May 2005

The improvement in spring salmon catches from last year continues! Catches on the Wye in both March and April have exceeded the 2004 figures. With the Wye's most prolific months now upon us, salmon fishermen should really start thinking about getting to grips with a big Wye
springer. After a slow start the Usk saw an encouraging run of fish in April. Sightings had been made and as the water dropped away in early May, most recognised beats saw sport for the few who tried.

Trout fishing on both rivers has also been improving as the weather warms up. Good fly hatches have been experienced on the Wye, throughout the day, with plenty of decent sized trout caught. On mild, calm days, a definite evening rise has started on both rivers. The first Mayflies have started to appear on the middle Usk, three weeks earlier than usual.

After the good water levels of April, the rivers are now dropping back towards summer levels. There is some uncertainty in the current weather forecasts - watch this space to make sure you're there at the right time.

Finally, there is a creditable and witnessed report of an enormous salmon, estimated at 35-40lbs being lost after 25 minutes of play on the Gromain beat on the Wye. Also on the Upper Wye, fraternal competition has resulted in Meyrick Ames' first fish, a fresh 10lber, taken only 10mins after his brother Louis had caught his first of the season. With Ty-Newydd and Llangoed also reporting successes yesterday, a sense of optimism abounds!

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