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Complete Angler Guide's Boat Bag

As a broadcaster and photographer I often carry a lot of expensive equipment with me at the waters edge, often on the water when I am boat fishing or rafting. Water is a killer for tape recorders, microphones, laptops, cameras and flash guns.

I first purchased a Guides Boat Bag when I was doing a series of shows in the USA titled in the Footsteps of Zane Grey. I was rafting, camping and fishing the Rogue River in Oregon. During the long float I had to raft through some very big rapids class 4 in fact some were getting close to a class 5. Some of these rapids were rather frightening especially for a two man raft.
There were occasions when we were literally submerged but all my electronic gear survived.

The bag is triangular shape with a full length opening at the top, which makes it very easy to stuff cameras, tape recorders etc inside. This boat bag is made of 18-ounce vinyl-coated, polyester fabric with one and a half inch wide web handles. The welded seams and the rolled top closure with its three strips of hook and loop material ensure that it will remain waterproof and its contents dry. You can stand the bag in water without any worries. The bag is 22 inches long, 16 inches wide and 16 inches tall. apart from my tape recorders, microphones and cameras I can also get a good size sweater in the bag. In the States the cost is about $50-00 E-mail Greg Katainen Check out the website

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