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Bits and Bait Bucket

How many times have you borrowed your mum's, wife's or girl friends plastic bucket to carry groundbait, pellets, boilies, bread or worms for a days fishing. Often the bucket is a very bright yellow one standing out like a sore thumb at the waters edge. Where no doubt you've had a lot of stick from your friends. Your days of anguish are over coming shortly to your tackle is PCI Ltd's Bits and Pieces Bait Bucket. Its an 18 litre container with an extra insert, known as a takeout top which snaps into the bucket with a water tight seal. The bucket is then complete with a snap on water tight lid

No bright coloured container this one, for your mates to take the micky out of, this one is camouflaged to blend in at the waters edge. I reckon it has many uses, in the bits and pieces storage tray you can have weights, catapults, feeders, bait droppers and anything else you can think of. You can use the main bucket for making up method balls or mix, pva stocking bags of broken boilies and pellets. two or three bait boxes of different baits. This isn't just for the coarse angler, its ideal for the sea angler. In the bucket you can have peeler crab, lugworm, ragworm or fish baits. In the top section you can have various bits of tackle and weights. All in all a very useful and well thought-out bit of kit for us anglers I love the price, no bite your hand off silly price. It will cost you just 9-99 Take a look at one in your tackle shop.See pictures under Catch of the month

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