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JETBOIL - The stove with its own pot and cup.

The first stove I used was the size of a 2lb treacle tin, we used metholated spirit, we then moved on to the rather bulky Primus stove with paraffin. Not a good idea. I went back to the meth's stove. Later on I used tablets in place of the metholated spirit. We then had gas and petrol stove's self heating cans and cartons of foods. How things have changed today. For the past few months I have been field testing a new stove known as JETBOIL which lives up to its name. Last week when I was fishing with Alan Roe he said "That certainly boils the water fast" Its never been easier to have a fresh brew at the waterside. I found it ideal for tea making and heating up food. Its an American product which I must say is excellent. As I have roamed the banks of the Rivers Kennet, Aire and Ribble, its been easy to have a quick brew. Its an all in one item, no need for a lighter or matches, though as a backup to the built-in igniter I do carry a small gas lighter. You can if you like eat and drink from the same pot. To help keep the food warm its fitted with a cosy. Along with this stove I carry a small plastic water bottle, mug and a couple of small cartons of milk. I give it eight out of ten. The reason I didn't give it a full ten was on occasions the igniter didn't work. Its now available in the UK For details contact Lyon Equipment Ltd Dent, Sedbergh, Cumbria LA10 5QL or send an E-mail to

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