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The Stonze System

Fishing with the 'Stonze™' System makes perfect sense, a unique, natural, camouflaged, environmentally friendly alternative to fishing with lead.The following are just some of the key points why you will fish the 'Stonze™ System':

Unique product and environmentally friendly 'Stonze™' are naturally unique in colour, shape and size
'Stonze™' settle on the bottom as opposed to crashing like a lead, therefore excellent for fishing silty bottoms
'Stonze™' can be left in water to encourage algae growth - resulting in further natural camouflage Can't get a more natural product to do the job of a weight Increased catch rate Quality flex ring swivel attached - compatible with all types of rig
Camouflage - most lakes formed by gravel extraction, gravel river bottoms Fish learn by association - anything unnatural (lead)
can indicate a possible danger Leads and their uniform shape are consistently used on pressured waters, which makes them difficult waters
'Stonze™' being porous, will take on a flavour Excellent for using with a method mix Leads are purely a weight, but are totally unnatural. Now you can make your weight natural And it all makes sense!!! RRP - £1.25 If you prefer using an inline weight system for your fishing then the Inline Stonze™ System will give you all the advantages associated with using a Stonze™ instead of lead. Supplied with 8 inches of soft rig tubing attached and fitted with a tulip bead to take a size 8 swivel or stumpy rig. Available in medium and large.RRP - £1.60

The 'Stonze System' Includes eight quality 'Stumpy Rigs', which are hand-tied in England. Each rig comes complete with a Stonze™ attachment, so simply add a Stonze™ and you have a competent and confident terminal set up. You have the choice of either 12lb or 15lb fluorocarbon, 12lb or 15lb braid, size 6 or 8, barbed or barbless.The rigs are unique in their length (approx. 3") as the concerns for a lead no longer exist for presentation, and we believe that shorter hooklinks are by far the most effective.RRP - £1.99

The Hook A lot of research has gone into finding the best hook for our 'Stonze™ System' rigs and we believe that these are the best. Very sharp and sticky with a short shank, straight eye and slightly inturned point these hooks are perfect for any presentation. Available in sizes 6 & 8 barbed and barbless. 10 hooks per packet. RRP - £2.99

The Hooklinks These are the hooklinks we use on the Stonze™ rigs, the braid is available in 12lb and 15lb and is fast sinking and natural green. Also available in 12lb and 15lb is fluorocarbon which is relatively invisible in water and is perfect for stiffer rigs. 20 metre spools.RRP - £6.49
Stonze Kit 5 tulips beads, 5 beads, 1 metre rig tubing & 1 medium Stonze, all you need for the perfect 'stonze' System.RRP - £2.95

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