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DSLR: Nikon D70 by Peter iNova with Uwe Steinmueller

Since my days of taking photographs with the Rolleiflex cameras I have taken an interest in new technology. When the first SLR'S appeared in the shops I got hold of one through my grandmother buying it for me. long before the first digital cameras appeared I along with many others were hearing rumours about a new camera that didn't need film. when the first digitals appeared I stayed on the side lines. I wanted to know how effective this new technology was going to be. Sometime later I purchased a top of the range compact. I was pleased with the result. I used this new camera for illustrating my stories and my Nikon SLR film cameras for front cover and full page pictures. When Nikon launched their first Digital SLR I was quite excited until I was told the price. Last year Nikon launched the D70 at a price within reach of many Nikon SLR film users. I read the rave reviews studied the various reports and listened to other photographers talk excitedly about their results. I eventually took the plunge and purchased a Nikon D70. I am so pleased with the results, that I am now shooting everything digital. I felt the camera manual left a lot desired.

on a recent trip to the United States I was told about a new E-book detailing the Nikon D70 Digital Single Lense Reflex camera, lenses,system accessories and their secrets 446 pages. 1100+ images and illustrations. e-Book on CD

14 chapters in two volumes covering

digital photographic technologies
historical perspectives
colour and optical theory
basic / intermediate / advanced digital image manipulation
RAW image conversion
D70 Camera system operation (camera, lenses, flash)
the 45 top digital photographic problems and their solutions
a 22 exercise digital photography course
digital printing
digital special effects
35 vexing questions (advanced problem solving)
iNovaFX Photoshop Actions for the D70 system
Interactive Appendix
D70 Gallery of images from 13 D70 photographers
CD case includes colour and greyscale reference charts plus 12 special colour patches that turn the D70's manual white balance feature into pure colour filter effects. (Unlike glass colour filters, these can never scratch!)

Includes over 460 iNovaFX Photoshop Actions to solve problems, improve images and teach exotic techniques. Including the amazing iBCFisheye10.5 Hyper wide-angle fisheye image flattening Action that creates a 160 straight-line image from the Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm DX lens. This image began its life looking like a bubble:

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