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Multibind from Angling Concepts

Over the past few weeks I have been playing around with a new product from Angling Concepts. Its known as Multibind, I wanted to see if it would give me an advantage in my quest for big chub and barbel. With all my friends using pellets and boilies, I was looking for a simple way of making a paste bait made from ground halibut pellets to see if it would give me any advantages over breadflake and breadcrust. Speaking with Tony at Angling Concepts in Buckinghamshire about my idea, he told me about Multibind. After a couple of days a packet arrived along with some ground halibut pellets. Following the simple instruction Tony had given me I quickly made a soft paste bait. I then tested it in my pond, I was very pleased with the results.

Multibind makes a good groundbait binder, which provides many options to you the angler. It only needs to be used in small quantities. As your only using small amounts, your groundbait mix is not diluted. From the testing I have done, its perfect for you anglers who fish the Method. Come June 16th I can see some good uses for Multibind when I am chasing the tench. Further details Tel 01494 765397 E-mail

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