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2005 World Carp Championship Announces Big Prize for Big Carp

$50,000 will be awarded to the carp angler who breaks the New York State record during the 2005 World Carp Championship. Organizers for the June 5-10 event on the St. Lawrence River in New York State revealed. The highest certifiable weight of over 50.4 pounds for a common carp will land one competitor the bonus prize.

The American Carp Society will host the event and has asked that a representative from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to be on hand to verify the record breaker.

"The World Carp Championship is the main event for carp anglers from around the globe," says David Moore. Moore is a Co-Director of the American Carp Society and the association's tournament coordinator. "We expect the best of the best from the carp angling world to be on the St. Lawrence, and I anticipate the New York State record will be achievable with all of the talent we will see at this competition."

According to the tournament rules, all of the carp caught during the tournament will be handled with care and respect. Every fish will be released back to the waters, so the winner will receive a wall-mounted replica of the trophy fish in addition to the $50,000. An artisan from the St. Lawrence region will be commissioned to create the reproduction.

The American Carp Society is a membership based organization founded to benefit the needs of rod and line carp anglers in the United States. The association provides a broad array of services which include carp tackle and equipment, educational materials and publications, regional and national tournaments and regular big fish contests.

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