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New River Kennet Barbel record

Paul Smyth a painter and decorator has achieved a long time ambition of catching a 17lb barbel and setting a new record for the river Kennet with a 17 lb 2 oz fish. Dedication certainly paid off for Paul, who fished with his girl friend Karen Peacock on Saturday night. After several hours of fishing , Karen went home leaving Paul to fish on. The night passed without incident but at 7-0 am in the morning Paul's rod tip pulled round, the answering strike connected with a powerful fish. It was some minutes before Paul had the fish beaten and over the net. Knowing the fish was a big one, he was full of excitement as he watched the scales pointer go well past the 17lb mark. After checking the weight three or four times, Paul realised he had a new river record. Calling his Karen he asked her to bring a couple of sets of scales. The fish was re-weighed once again at 17-6-0. It was time to get some witnesses. The local club treasure was called, who also picked up the official club scales and some other wittiness's. Once again thefish was weighed, and the weight recorded at 17lb 2 ounces.

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