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Over the past few weeks I've had the pleasure of reading three good books. Magic Moments Phil Smith and Stef Horak @ 21-95. Globetrotters Quest Tony Davies-Patrick @ 25-00 and A Time For Tench Chris Turnbull @ 24-95.
The first book I read was Magic Moments, it certainly make a good title for a book which is truly filled with those 'Magic Moments'. we all think about. Phil and Stef have fished together in search of big coarse fish from Stillwater's and rivers over many years with great success. Both men having been featured in the angling press on many of occasions with their big fish captures.

Magic Moments also features some top class guest writers Ian Welch, Andy Brown, Gary Newman and Terry Lampard. Certainly a good quartet of top big fish anglers. Throughout the 224 pages you will be alongside Phil and Stef as they describe how each other caught many of their big Barbel, Bream,Carp,Catfish, Chub, Perch, Pike, Roach, Tench and Zander. These two guys don't just fish for one species, in their quest for various species of big fish, they visit many Stillwater's and rivers. The book is well illustrated with plenty of black and white pictures and a good selection of colour pictures of Roach, Tench, Zander, Perch, Pike and Chub including two seven pound fish 7-7-0 and 7-15-0 Its a good read with lots of sound advice. A book to have on your bookshelf. You can get a copy of Magic Moments by Phil Smith and Stef Horak with guest writers by calling Phil on 07980-394864.

Globetrotters Quest by Tony Davies-Patrick Is a book of adventures and the catching of big fish worldwide. Its also a book of spectacular photographs of wildlife, sunsets, dawns and mountains. The photographs of Elephants, Bears, Lions and much more are truly stunning. The picture of Tony sitting at the top of the Grand Canyon which is spread over two pages will certainly take your breath away.
Tony must be rated as one of the top big fish anglers worldwide. When I write about big fish, I should really say huge or awesome fish. When you see the picture of the 700lb Sturgeon you will no doubt take a deep breath and look in awe at such a magnificent creature.. When you read the chapter With Doctors & African Magic you will squirm, shudder and shake. As Tony describes having a huge treble hook become lodged well past the bend, with the hook point lodged behind and inside the eyebrow bone. He then goes on to tell you about the frightening experience over the next few days. Globetrotters Quest covers some of Tony's travels through the United States, Canada, Europe, India, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia,Thailand and China Its 366 pages will certainly hold you spellbound text and colour pictures. Its a book which will give you the urge to travel further afield for your fishing. You can order Globetrotters Quest by Tony Davies-Patrick from 27 The Orchard Lightwater Surrey GV18 5YS 25-00 plus 5-25 P&P or E-mail It can be ordered by telephone 07801 287555

A Time For Tench by Chris Turnbull When I started fishing for tench back in the late 1940s a big tench was 4lbs. What we all wanted was a 5lb fish. It was several years later when I caught my first 5lb tench. Not from a Stillwater or canal but from the river Beault, a slow flowing southern river. In 1950 match angler Mr Food caught an 8lb 8 oz fish from the Leicester canal. It held the record for several years. In A Time For Tench Chris lists the top fifty tench the lowest weight is 11lb 6 ounces. In the past 25 years Tench have become a cult fish, now there are many waters countrywide where you can expect to catch a big tench. In my book a seven pound tench is certainly a good one. Artist angler Chris has written two other books Big Fish From Famous Waters and Success with Tench. His track record is excellent and he certainly knows his tench fishing. Not only does Chris catch big fish, but he does a tremendous amount of work on the conservation front.If you want to catch tench this book is for you is full of sound advice, with good illustration and lots of colour pictures. A Time For Tench by Chris Turnbull is available from Harnser Books Manor House Barn, Reepham Road, Foulsham Dereham Norfolk NR20 5PP cost is 28-95 which includes P&P

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