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Army Carp Fishing Championships Team Event

Team Cotswold Bait Creations fishing their first ever Army Team Championships, at Nicholls Leisure, in Kent. where 8 teams competed for the trophies of team champions and pairs champions. Teams of Six anglers included, Mainline, DT baits/Suffolk carpers, British army teams A & B, A German army team, and Carp-UK. The lake was dead before the match making swim choices a little harder. Cotswold Bait Creations had a good idea of the hotspots and were feeling confident as long as we come out the draw early on. Luckily enough one of the pair came out the hat first. They chose a the swim which won the BCAC match 2 weeks ago. Now all they needed was a good draw by the other pairs to back them up and hopefully win the team event.

Phil Chum and Kevin Hewitt arrived at their swim to be greeted with 4 or 5 carp rolling out in front. They put 3 rods along the far margin and one in the deeper water. Both anglers started spodding from the off. 12 minutes into the match whilst spodding Phil's right hand rod on the Tock Special let off a few beeps.... Phil was in straight away! A few minutes later and he was looking at a lovely 19Lb 8oz common. What a start! A bream shortly followed and after that it was quiet. Phil and Kevin spodded out about 8kg of bait between them, after 2 bream in the night Kevin spodded a further 2kgs of Tocks to the far margins at 2.30am. 15 mins later he received a sharp drop back over the spodded area; he wound down and struck into a carp which tipped the scales at just under 15Lb.
After a few early morning Bream, Phil landed a smaller carp of 4Lb. Then nothing during the day, after a scouting around the lake Phil and Kevin found they were sitting in 1st.

The other pair had no fish through the night. Phil decided as on the first day where he caught late in the afternoon he would put more bait out early on, to give it time to settle. Another 5kg of Tock boilies and some pellet were spodded out. About Ĺ an hour later Phil had a stuttery run. Striking he connected, the rod arched over... however he thought it was a bream as it was slowly plodding along the far margin. "that isn't a bream Phil, THATíS MOBY!!" shouted Kevin. Phil started to gain some line, after a spirited battle Moby finally slipped into the net. 26Lb 3oz! a big fish for the venue.

Things were quiet for the pair after that with no more runs. The other Cotswold bait creations duo managed 2 fish through the night of 21lb and 19lb for 41Lb altogether putting them in 3rd position. The main lake started catching the next day and rumours were coming in thick and fast of one of the army pairs threatening Cotswolds lead. Tense last moments, as the hooter sounded Phil and Kevin were unsure how it ended. They didnít find out until the presentation. They had finished in 1st place with a total of 65Lb, the other pair coming 3rd. Not only did Cotswold Bait Creations win the match, they won the team event and landed the biggest fish. TOCKS SPECIALS WERE ON FIRE!

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