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Trout Bum Diaries - A Top Fly Fishing Video

The Angling Exploration Group, a Pacific Northwest-based video production
company, recently announced the upcoming release for the first in an
upcoming series of full length fly fishing videos. The video, entitled
"Volume I: Patagonia" is the first in "The Trout Bum Diaries" series which should be released early 2005
"The Trout Bum Diaries," says Ryan Davey, AEG's Managing Director, "is a new
breed of fly fishing entertainment. The world of fly fishing video
entertainment is lacking a major key aspect, entertainment. There are
plenty of videos out there to teach you how to Spey cast, or which outfitter
to go to in New Zealand, but where's the entertainment?"

The group recently returned from a five month expedition to Patagonia, the
southern part of South America. This region is famous for it's trout
fishing, particularly the sea-run brown trout fishing of Tierra Del Fuego.
What most people don't know, is that there is trout fishing in Montana style
rivers, lakes that produce steelhead size rainbows, and spring creeks that
would make the River Test pale insignificance. Travelling over 7,000 miles in search of trout, the group collected over 90 hours of raw footage from an entire seasons worth of adventures.

"It's just good 'ole trout bum style entertainment," says Ryan, who is
currently producing the video. "It's based upon the adventures we had and
the fishing we encountered, 15 pound sea run browns in 35 mile long
spring creeks with nothing but browns, along with broken axles, beer
drinking, the works. The layout will be ski/snow board video style, faster
action and better music than most of the stuff on the market."

The group purchased a Jeep from Buenos Aires and drove it across mostly dirt
roads down the Andes, the spine of South America and the centre of trout
fishing in the region. They had a video camera rolling the whole way.
Volume I of the Trout Bum Diaries is entitled, "Patagonia". As one who has been privileged to see some of the footage I say "It will rival Passion For Angling" The filming really captures the great sport of fly fishing for wild trout. Its truly stunning. More info on the Angling Exploration Group can be found on their web site at .

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