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VIA Baltic Pike Trophy Kattisvan Swedish Lapland

I have just returned from Swedish Lapland where I have been reporting on the Via Baltic Pike Trophy Championships in Kattisvan This very successful event was organised by Johanna Palmlof and Greger Johnnson, as usual with these Swedish organised competitions, everyone had a great time. It was good to see anglers from England, Russia, Finland and Latvia enjoying not only the good fishing available, but also sharing a few beers together. I would like to say a big thank you for the warm welcome everyone gave me when I gave a couple of slide shows on my fishing around the world.

The top three anglers with the best three fish in centimeters were Armarids Teters of Latvia with pike of 91cm 77cm and 69cm in runner up spot was another Latvian angler Harijs Raciborskis with pike of 91cm 75cm and 71cm in third spot was another Latvian anglerValdis Ceplausks with pike of 89cm 81cm and 55cm making it a clean sweep for Latvia. Russian angler Alexander Jakolev was in 4th place with pike of 89cm 73cm and 53cm followed by Kai Siponen from Finland with pike of 78cm 76cm and 68cm

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