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Rhode Island U.S.A Fishery Report

The fall run is about to begin and it is shaping up to be a very good. The bluefish have arrived once again in great numbers, along with the peanut bunker. There are also a lot of silversides this year in the bay. Three year classes of blues are in the bay right now. Some small ones of two pounds another group of 24 to 28 inches and a third group of 30-inch plus. These fish are averaging 10 pounds and over. Our largest to date is just over 14-pounds. If you are looking for action on a fly rod now is the time to do it as the schools have been on the surface almost every day. For the light tackle anglers we now have long whippy rods of 7 1/2 to eight feet in length loaded with Power Pro line (4-pound Diameter) and catching blues on this tackle is beyond belief, as close to fly fishing as you can get.

Most of the stripers are still deep and will probably remain so until at least the middle of September. Its been our best striped bass season ever this year. As of today we have put over 1,800 striped bass in the boat with all forms of fishing. Fly, light tackle, ultra ligth trolling. We also had three fish in the 40 pound class, 26 over thirty, 84 in the twenties, and 158 in the teens. We didn't count any fish this season that didn't measure 30-inches. All the 28 and 29 inch fish were just part of the rest of the catch. Its been truely an amazing year for sizes and numbers of fish.

The tunas are getting closer each and every day. There has been a good group at the Mud Hole which is only 15-miles from Beavertail on Jamestown. By the end of the month they should be even closer. The bonito and albies are also beginning to show and should continue to build through the month. With all the bait and the bluefish, the school tuna should arrive inshore by the end of the month, baring any bad weather or hurricanes. If any of you have any intentions of doing any of these species, contact us very soon as there are only 32 available days left from now until the end of October.

We want be at the any of the fly fishing shows this winter with our booth. You will probably see us at the Thomas & Thomas booth, Stripers Forever, or the Striped Bass Magazine booth. The show expense has gotten to out of control and the return is just not there for the investment. All regular customers will be kept informed starting in November on a monthly basis once we update our e-mail list. Make sure we have your correct e-mail on file

We also have a new book coming out in November of 2004 for the holiday and show season. the title as of this moment is "How To Fish Soft Plastics in Saltwater". It will be the largest volume ever done by the Fishermen Magazine and will probably go over 300 pages with photo;s and diagrams. This work has never been done before in this depth or coverage. Peter Barrett, the senior editor of the Fishermean Magazine, said it is one of the best works they will have publish in the last 10 or 15 years. He equated it to Lefty Kreh's and Mark Sosins book on knots, which has sold over 300,000 copies in eight different languages.
The book is jam packed with information on rigging techniques, fishing methods, types of lures, where to find them, and tons more.
So there is our update. We are looking forward to seeing you all again this season or next. Have a great summer and fall fishing. Capt Jim/Capt Justin White--White Ghost Guide Service

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