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Barbel Fishing - A Logical Approach Tim Lennon

One of the most popular fish today has to be the barbel, many of today's carp anglers have deserted the carp lakes for the river bank to fish for this latest in-fashion fish. I suppose we can describe the barbel as number two in the popularity stakes. The nice thing about barbel fishing is it often takes place in delightful surroundings on some of the nicest rivers in England and Wales. The rivers Dove, Kennet, Teme, Wye, Loddon, Ribble, Ure ,Swale, Wharfe, Dorset Stour, Hampshire Avon and the upper Severn are some of the waters where I have caught this delightful fish.

The Kennet has always been my favourite river, if one can have such a water. In fact I still feel its England's nicest river despite the damage being done by industry, farming, water abstraction and the BWB.

Recently a new paper book back appeared on my desk from author Tim Lennon titled Barbel Fishing - A Logical Approach. Its written in a simple to understand style where Tim offers some excellent advice, not just for the beginner but also the more experienced angler. We are never to old to learn, and remember there are no experts in angling. We are all learning. My definition of the expert is, Ex is an has-been. Spurt, is a drip under pressure.

In the 115 pages I feel you will find something of interest, In the chapter on baits, Tim writes about preparing hemp in which he adds some salt. (Its an idea I have used for quite some time as it stops the hemp splitting, if your married or live with a partner I would suggest you cook the hemp outside. It can smell rather horrid and permeate through the house. You will not be a popular person. I have a Baby Burco boiler which I plug into the power point in my shed. Then no one suffers from the horrid smell of cooking hemp)

Back to Tim's Book, There are 11 main chapters covering Equipment, Location, Baits, Methods and Rigs, Catching fish, Targeting specimen barbel, Barbelling then and now, The future of barbel fishing and Conclusion.

I enjoyed Tim writing about his early days of barbel fishing, including his first visits to the Kennet. Having fished the river for many years, I could even see the swim he fished at Aldermaston. Today its a 450 mile round trip I still need to fish this delightful river as often as possible. If I am not abroad fly fishing for saltwater fish in the tropics, I will be fishing the river two days a week during the autumn and winter. If your new to barbel fishing or have been fishing for several years, you should find something of interest in the 117 pages I suggest you get a copy of this book priced 14-95 fromTim Lennon Tel 07769-962351 or E-mail

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