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Fishing off Rhode Island

Jim White of Rhode Island writes The fly fishing has slowed down and we have moved to light tackle fishing. The fish are deep now its summer time, but there are still plenty of striped bass inside the bay. Summer flounder fishing is good, with some fish going up to six or seven pounds. Plenty of porgy's, known as scup locally, its a Native American Indian name. Bluefish seem to be behind a few weeks due to water being colder than usual. That should change next month when the small bunker arrive. There are school blue fin tuna in close to shore and we expect a good fall run.
My new book, "How To fish Soft Plastics in Saltwater", will be published by the Fisherman Group of Long Island, NY. In November With 300 plus pages, over one hundred photo's and diagrams it will be the first book of its kind focusing on soft plastic baits. It will detail how to fish,, rig, find them and just about anything you ever wanted to know about the subject. There are literally hundreds of rigs, methods, tricks and tips on casting, trolling, spinning and even plastic baits for fly rods.
Peter Barrett, the senior editor of the Fisherman Magazine called it one of the most extensive works on the topic ever done and said that he felt it has the potential to sell as many copies as Lefty Kerh's and Mark Sosin's book on knots which is one of the best selling books of all time. There will be an extensive listing of manufactures in the back of the book of over 125 companies that make soft plastics for saltwater including what their product are including the, address and web sites. If you want to book a trip with Jim or his son Justin E-mail

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