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New Buzzer Bars from Angling Concepts Ltd

Angling Concepts Ltd recently announced the launch of the versatile TWIN STICKS kit in UK This amazingly versatile stainless steel rod support system will make it easy when moving from swim to swim .

Twin Sticks comprises two pairs of bank sticks, each with a three-rod buzz bar. Each pair of bank sticks is connected with two cross bars, one of which acts as a step bar, by which the sticks are driven into the ground giving a very firm fixing. Individual sticks can extend, enabling the buzz bars (or individual rods, if set up without the buzz bars) to be used at any height within the range of the extension (from 54 to 95 cm).

The pair of Twin Sticks may be used one in front of the other (with or without the buzz bars) to create a standard set-up with rods all at one height. Without buzz bars, it is also possible to fish one rod angled up for long-range fishing, whilst the other is angled down for short range. The set can provide a stable 'rod butts on the ground' approach, allowing four rods to be used with elevated tips - excellent for the travelling angler where weight allowance is a consideration.

Ideal for both the session and roving angler, the innovative design allows two rods to be used without the buzz bars or up to three rods can be used with them (four rods with additional accessories). Individual sticks are adjustable and each Twin Stick can be used as a front support only. The Stick is easily driven into the ground (even hard ground) by pushing your foot down on the step bar - the clever design of the system ensures a very stable set-up.

After using Twin Sticks for the first time, Angling Concepts boss and well known carp angler Tony Booker said, "With its speed, amazing flexibility and relatively light weight, this useful bit of gear is destined to be standard kit for a huge number of anglers. You often hear on the bank the 'single bank stick versus pod' discussion and both arguments have had their merits - until now!" Transporting the Twin Sticks is easy. They fit into most rucksacks and holdalls. Strapping them to a barrow is simplicity itself, so even moving swim becomes easier. The set-up can be ready for use very quickly and their use is not limited to lakes - river anglers are already taking advantage of the speed and flexibility offered by the imaginative design.

The set comprises two Twin Sticks (16cm and 20cm wide, normally used back and front, respectively) and two buzz bars with fittings for three rods. Quality European stainless steel is used throughout, yet the whole incredible kit including buzz bars only weighs about 2 kilos. The patented Twin Sticks kit is available from Angling Concepts Ltd for only 55 plus 9 postage and packing. Contact Angling Concepts Ltd on 01494 765397 (Tony Booker) or 01494 764180 (Bob Snell);
e-mail Angling Concepts Ltd, PO Box 569, Chesham, Buckinghamshire HP5 1WL. Tel: 01494 765397 or 764180. Fax: 01494 549809 or 766817. E-mail:

This piece of kit is without doubt, ideal for the angler who follows the wind or wants to change swims quickly. I have used this bit of kit finding it ideal. It makes positioning my buzzer bars, quick and easy with the foot rest design. On my latest trip down to the Cotswolds, I didn't have any problem sticking Twin Sticks in the gravel and stony ground.

You can see these buzzer bars at the Royal Lancashire Show at Ribchester July 27th 28th and 29th For show details Telephone 01254 813769

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