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Fishery Reports and News Monday 12th July 2004

Tewitfields Cumbria 69 anglers caught 309 fish. Rod average = 4.5 fish per rod. Best fish. Jamie Cuthbertson from Blackpool. 13lb rainbow. Black lure. Derek Moore Chorley. 7lb 11oz rainbow F/Fry. Niel Kenyon Blackpool. 6lb2oz rainbow Black spider. Best bag. Nigel Woolford 18 fish. Mr Geordison 10 fish. Recent good rain has helped to lift the doldrums, it has cooled the water off a bit and helped to freshen things up, so the fish are moving and in a mood to take the fly. Coarse lake; Same applies. Good nets of fish to the pole anglers, whilst anyone prepared to fish bigger baits on the bottom will certainly be rewarded by catching the bigger fish.

Pendle View Fishery Lancashire Main Lake Carp fishing There have been over a 100 carp come out this week. some pegs have yielded really well. Some anglers have caught really well. On Tuesday peg 24/25 performed brilliantly and produced 27 carp. The biggest being a 28lb 8oz common. I understand that Scott Green and Leighton Allan went home with big smiles on their faces. As if that was not good enough two new chaps moved onto this peg (Adrian Wilson of Rossendale and Mark Preston). What a session they had. I think they thought all their birthdays had come together with a giant feast including breakfast, dinner and tea! As you can see between them they had over 40 carp. Adrian caught the most carp and we worked out that he caught over 204lb alone. During the early hours of Friday night/Saturday morning Adrian also landed one of our catfish. It was the smaller of the two and weighed in at 31lb 4oz. Not satisfied with that he went on to land Butt Head. Butt Head weighed in at 35lb 6oz. The Nash Masters Competition started on Saturday 3rd July, 2004. Best baits this week have been maple boillies, fusion and home made mixtures.
Main Lake Pleasure fishing has been great on the main lake this week. We have had some lovely bream, roach, perch and skimmers. Some 8lb plus bream were caught on Saturday and some very nice perch. We have recorded some high bag weights this week. An assortment of baits have been successful including caster and maggot. Match and Pleasure Lake Some days have been excellent on the match lake this week. Quite a few anglers now insist they fish this lake as opposed to the main lake for pleasure fishing. There have been two matches on this weekend. The winning weight for the match on Saturday was 26lb 8oz, with second, third and fourth place very close behind. Fly Lake When the wind was bad this week the fly lake did not prove to be popular. On the better days it has fished really well. The highest returned fish this week was 30 followed by several 20+. Bloodworm, dry flies and cats whisker have proved very good. The chap who returned 30 used a buzzer.

2004 European Fly Fishing Championships

The 2004 European fly fishing championships fished in Swedish Lapland was voted a great success by all competitors despite the very unseasonable weather conditions. In fact the weather in Swedish Lapland during June has been the wettest and coldest since 1928. 16 teams of five competed for the title of best fly fishing team in Europe hosted by Swedish Lapland in and around the village of Saxnas, in Vilhelmina municipality, where competitors fished both stillwater and river venues. Despite the flooded river and extra water in the lakes the best fly fishers in Europe caught grayling and trout. England taking Bronze in team and individual event. France finished in 9th position Winners were the Czech Republic, followed by Poland. Congratulations must go to Maria Iagerkvist of Stockholm who was fishing in the Swedish ladies national team for the first time and finished in 40th place. Maria so dominated the event that she helped Sweden push England Ladies into last place. England men's team captain Ian Greenwood of Southport had nothing but praise for his team and the home nation for a superbly organised event despite the horrid weather conditions.
The individual gold medal winner was Lukas Pazdernik of the Czech Republic followed by Francis Lambinet from Belgium who wan the silver followed by bronze medal winner John Horsey of Bristol. The England team were John Horsey, Andrew Dixon, Baz Reece, Mike Tinnion and Ian Barr.

2004 Lapland World Cup Fishing Festival

The following week it was the Lapland Fishing Festival fished in and around Gagsmark, north of the famouse salmon river Byske Alv where those anglers taking part in the fly fishing event for trout and grayling fished on the River Aby Alv. The pike fishing event was fished on Lake Finntrasket a huge lake that has produced fish over 30lbs. The event was superbly organised by the Byske Laxdal project. In the pike fishing event anglers fished with lures or flies. It was a clean sweep by Swedish anglers, despite a strong turn out by anglers from several European countries. The winner Stefan Karlsson of Sweden caught 6 fish followed by Daniel Edeljung of Sweden 5 fish and in third spot was Patrick Dahlberg of Sweden with 4 fish. In the fly fishing event it was a clean sweep by Italy who grabbed the top three places. The leading Italians were Aldo Silva, Andrea Andreveno and Mariono Rota. Once again it was superbly organised by the host country and everyone who was involved in the event has to be congratulated on giving everyone such a great event and the people of Gagsmark were wonderful hosts taking many of the competitors into there homes. After the event there was a Gala dinner and prize presentation in which all the villagers were present.

The Via Baltica Pike Trophy

This is a new event in the angles calendar and takes place in Swedish Lapland on the days of August 14th and 15th at Kattisvan Camping and Lake Morttrasket are the venues for this new event. This is the same venue where in 2003 Lapland fishing festival, anglers caught 187 pike in two three hour sessions. This competition is arranged by the project Via Baltica Nordica Development Zone. Take a look at

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