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Let's have some responsibility from the BWB

Let's have some responsibility from the B W B

Up until a three or four years ago on June 16th we anglers and naturalists, could expect to see the river Kennet flowing gin clear with lots of water crowfoot. Sadly not today, this year it was flowing very coloured, not from rain which would have been most welcome but from silt. This discoloured water stops the water crowfoot (Ranunculus) from growing.

Its a man made problem caused by the boat traffic on the Kennet and Avon canal which is operated by, The British Waterways Board. The problem can be solved by the BWB. I feel its beholding on the BWB to install filters so the rivers aquatic environment isnít destroyed. Lets not forget the BWB is funded by the Government. IE you and I the tax payers. A price of some sixty thousand pounds has been mentioned to over come the problem which I consider is well within the BWB budget from the millions they receive from you and I the tax payer.

What are the Environment Agency and English Nature doing about the problem I was under the impression they were there to protect the aquatic environment. Not polishing the seat of their trousers as they climb the ivory tower.

I have written to my MP and I ask all readers to write to their MP and demand action to save the river Kennet, what was one of the most beautiful rivers in England. Lets not forget that over four million anglers contribute some three and a half billion pounds sterling per year into the national economy, anglers also directly contribute nineteen and a half million pounds sterling

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