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It's Been Good Trout Fishing

Since the start of a new trout fishing season back in the middle of March, I have had some enjoyable sport on various rivers. The Lune, Ribble, Colne, Wenning, Aire and Kennet. Most of my fishing has been with a dry fly, though some days to catch fish I have had to tie on some very small flies down to size 24. The best patterns were Black midge, parachute Grey Duster or Parachute Adams on a 7X tippet. Apart from fishing for trout, I have also been doing a lot of habitat work on the river Aire. Planting water crowfoot, trimming back trees, clearing blocked up side streams and trapping mink. What I have found on the river Aire are lots of bullheads, stone loach and brook lampreys. Graeme Cook of Lancaster joined me for a session on the river Aire last Friday where he caught a brace of brown trout on a Parachute Grey duster. This was Graeme's first day on the river where he enjoyed the experience of fishing for river trout in delightful countryside.

I have visited Barnsfold Water near Chipping on several occasions experiencing some excellent fishing with chironomids commonly called buzzers. Using a Thomas and Thomas Helix five weight rod, Joan Wulff Signature floating line with a leader between 12 and 15 feet with a 6X tippet. These Joan Wulff fly lines certainly cast well, I cannot fault them after several months of hard fishing. What I have found is the fish can be very choosy. Some days the fish want a black suspended buzzer size 16 in the surface film, the next day they want an olive imitation midge pupa fished four inches down. When fishing buzzers I cast out a long line allowing the imitation to slowly drift with the wind. Remember buzzers move very slowly and that's how your imitation should be presented. I recommend Barnsfold water especially If you like fishing buzzers Telephone Frank Casson 01995 61583

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