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Wading Boots for the 21st Century

I have always considered stocking foot waders are a better buy than waders with a fitted boot. As one who travels the world, I need wading boots to cover several eventualities. When fishing rocky weedy coastlines for bass and other saltwater fish or salmon and trout fishing on rocky rivers and streams. I need a studded felt sole for safety. On gravel runs I like felt soles, while fishing from a boat its a standard boot sole that doesn't mark the decking, a sole that wouldn't cause me to slip and slide on a wet decking.
For years I travelled with two pairs of wading boots. Studded felt soles and felt soles. Not the best solution. But one that couldn't be bettered unless I carried a third pair of boots which of course was out of the question. At the recent Somerset New Jersey fly fishing show in January I was shown a pair of Korkers wading boots. The new Korkers are a conventional hiking boot of cordura with leather uppers and a moulded rubber foot. What makes these boots so different, is they come with interchangeable soles. Its such a clever system I am surprised that no one had thought of it years ago. Taking the sole of your choice, You simple push it into the slot on the front of the boot then push the sole down into the bottom of the boot pull up the Velcro retaining strip and your in business. All done in less than a minute. You can purchase various types of soles. Felts , studded felts, carbide tipped rubber spikes, rubber lug hiking and boat deck soles. For the future its just one pair of Korkers and several sets of soles. Each pair of Korkers comes with two different sets of soles. I have worn my boots on many occasions since January they are lightweight, comfortable and most importantly they protect my ankles. I cannot fault them.

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