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A Simple Solution To Failing Eyesight.

One of the big problems we get in our old age, I am 67, Is failing eyesight. For sometime I had trouble threading a size 24 black midge on a 7 X tippet. In fact during a trout fishing trip to the United States I had to ask my friend to tie on my midge patterns. Over dinner that night I was discussing the problem with another fly fisher who said "Martin you need the dry fly threader box". Next day I visited the local fly shop to look at the suggested box. It was perfect for all us anglers with failing eye sight, I purchased one there and then. This year I have purchased a second box. Its been one of my best buys in the past couple of years. It works perfectly.
You can thread the smallest flies, with ease, You get six threaders on which you can hold several small flies on each threader giving you a selection of six patterns and its easy to use. Pass the tippet line through the large diamond eye at the top of the threader, then pull the fly off the threader and you will find it attached to your tippet All you need to do then is finish tying the knot. There are three boxes available. Standard size flies, dry flies and small size flies, you can also purchase extra sets of threaders. These days the boxes are stocked by most dealers. The average price in the UK is 27-00

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