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The Life and Times of Bill Quinlan 3rd February

Published by The Little Egret Press

There is a new book that I am certain will be well received by many anglers more so those of you who fished in the 1950’s 60’s and 70’s. It's a delightful book of some 150 pages containing some of the most interesting reading a coarse fisher could want. It's not one of those do it yourself books. This is all about the late Bill Quinlan one of the great characters of the big fish world from the 1950’s through to the 1980’s written by some of his many friends from that era. It was an era of adventure, learning, excitement and the making of lifetime friendships. A time when small bands of anglers would unit and share their knowledge.

The late Bill Quinlan along with Bob Buteux, Tom Mintram, Len Arbury, Jack Hilton, Rod Hutchinson, Frank Guttfield, Bill Keal, Ron Chant and many others pooled their knowledge and through the various magazines and newspapers of the day they passed on these new found ideas to the wider general angling public. Through the pages of this delightful book The Life and Times of Bill Quinlan published by The Little Egret Press. A debt of gratitude is certainly owed by all of us to Tom O’Reilly the publisher of these great books on angling over the past few years.

Through the pages of this book you can read some wonderful memories of days fishing with Bill, also there is a fascinating article written by Bill himself. On pages 13 and 14 Roy Pinnock writes about a cold winter's day fishing with Bill on the Upper Ouse. Part of which is as follows. "We arrived at the river about ten o’clock. At one o’clock with not a touch between us we decided to have some lunch, putting the two brollies together gave us reasonable protection from the elements.

We ate my cheese sandwiches (he ate his on the way) and hot soup followed by hot coffee from my flask. He then proudly produced "The Set." This was given to him each year around Christmas time by a Polish friend and consisted of a quarter of a bottle of Polish Vodka, two hip glasses and two large cigars. Now it is said that a good Havana cigar is rolled on the thighs of a young island virgin. If this is true then these must have been rolled in the armpits of a polish welder. They tasted awful, and the Vodka no better, I think it would have taken the varnish from a MK 4 carp rod"

This book is full of great stories including how Bill in the 1960’s used bread as bait for barbel in coloured water catching double figure fish from the Royalty. It's still a top bait today and those of you who know how to use this bait catch plenty of big fish. I enthusiastically and whole heartily recommend this book for your reading. The Life and Times of Bill Quinlan compiled by Bob Buteux published by The Little Egret Press There are 600 copies @ £18-00 pus £2-00 p&p from The Bothy, Old Quay Lane, St Germans, Cornwall, PL12 5LH

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