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500 mile round trip for 1 chub but still worth the effort

I often wander what makes me go out in the horrendous weather condition of late, but its my love of this great sport and my enduring passion to be at the waterside. After a long drive of nearly 250 miles Gavin Hurst of Wigan and myself arrived on the banks of the River Kennet around 3 o'clock on Friday afternoon to find the river flowing high and gin clear with a water temperature of 40 degrees F. Not ideal conditions, we also an icy cold east wind blowing in our faces' other anglers said "Itís a waste of time" I've heard it so many times I just say "OK" and moved on. In these conditions there is only one fish in my book to target, thatís the chub. Using a very soft action Avon rod, 1953 Mitchell 300 reel with 6lb Gamma line with a size 4 Pallatrax barbless hook, I attached 3 LG shot by lightly pinching them on the line some 4 inches from the hook which I baited with Lone Angler sausage sizzle flavoured crust I had just 1 bite a chub of 5lb 8 ounces.(see pic) That was our lot though we both still considered the effort was worth it. You don't catch fish from an armchair and at 75 years of age time is running out. I reckon if I don't make the effort and just sit back doing nothing, I would soon be incapable of doing anything. I have seen too many people stop taking part in their interests and in no time they end up in a care home.

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