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2 Days on the Kennet

With the Kennet bank high and over the bank in places with a water temperature of 48 degrees F conditions looked excellent, about 8 o'clock in the morning with a high hopes of cracking the 13lb barbel target I left my home in Lancashire on Sunday 23rd December for a weeks fishing. Arriving on the banks of the Kennet about 2 o'clock in the afternoon. In a 5 hour session I had 9 barbel best at 10-12-0 5 chub best at 5-3-0. It was some great fishing. I never missed a bite. Tackle was a soft Avon action rod, fixed spool reel with 6lb fluorocarbon hook link with a size 8 barbless hook. Bait was a soft krill paste. On Christmas eve I had 4 barbel before I had to leave as the river was rising. I left all my gear in a tree overnight as I needed both hands free to wade through the fast flowing flood water in the darkness. Christmas morning I was on the river about 9 o'clock, after wading downstream to retrieve my gear it took me nearly an hour wading back upstream through the flood water to reach the main track. In one spot it went over the top of my chest high waders by the time I got to my car I was wet and cold. With the rain sheeting down I thought its time I went home.I'm not as fit as I was in my 20's also I reckoned it was going to get worse. Still at least I had tried and caught some nice fish in the two sessions that I did manage.

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