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Willow Pitch Volume II – Various Authors

The Little Egret Press is very proud to present our latest compilation of the best contemporary angling authors and artists in Willow Pitch Volume II. This unique collection of articles, poetry and artwork offers praise to all those wonderful days spent by the water’s edge, an eclectic celebration of our lovely sport.

Contained within is a mixture of entertaining and insightful contributions such as ‘How To Nearly Cheat at Fly Fishing’ by Leighton McDonnell, ‘A Day Among the Ferox’ by Jon Berry, ‘The British Carp Study Group’ by Peter Mohan, ‘Pike From Small Streams’ by Tony Miles, ‘The Last Big Mako’ by David Turner, ‘The Redmire Carp Net’ by Tom O’Reilly, ‘Fifty Years of Chub’ by Mike Wilson and ‘Probably The Best Barbel Fishery In The World’ by Tim Ridge. We also go smoothound fishing with Dave Tipping, Nile perch hunting in Africa with Bob Roberts, barbelling with Dr Terry Baxter, carp catching with John Nixon and Dick Kefford, and bonefish angling with Martin James in the Caribbean. John Andrews tells us the history of London’s oldest surviving angling club, Dexter Petely takes us to France with his colourful friend ‘Bob’, John Nixon pays tribute to two angling greats, Fred Buller takes us fishing with Hugh Faulkus, and Eddie chambers suffers the ‘Devon Curse’. This volume also contains a fascinating article written by Ian Cook about his life-long fishing friendship with the country poet Ted Hughes.

And as if that wasn’t enough… For the first time, The Little Egret Press has run a competition to encourage new writers and artists, and we are proud to include some brilliant work by Terry Theobald, Gil Graham, Mark Welsh, Richard Brandon, Tom Hubmann, Chris Cullum, Robert W. Milne, Steve Reed, Eddy Widdup, Melissa Plimmer, Stuart Harris and Ann Welsh.

This is a must have book for the long winter months, and the perfect Christmas gift for every angler.

Willow Pitch Volume II is 210 x 148mm in dimension, and is over 150 pages long. The book is richly illustrated throughout with photography and artwork, and includes a colour section.

Limited Cloth Edition:

350 copies only, all signed and numbered by the Illustrator. £28.95

Leather Bound Edition:

25 copies only, all signed, numbered and hand-bound by Tom O’Reilly. This edition is fully leather bound, comprising edge-gilded pages, oasis goatskin leather, spine bands, marker ribbon and headbands. This edition is finished with gold-tooling detail, and presented in a marble paper covered slipcase. £185.00

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