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Pallatrax offer Angling Trust Members A Good Deal

The Angling Trust is delighted to announce that Pallatrax, the innovative bait and tackle company, is offering Angling Trust individual members 15% off all telephone orders and will be supporting the Angling Trust with bait and tackle prizes for regular online and magazine competitions and for special promotions.

Pallatrax products can be viewed online at

Pallatrax can also be followed on Facebook at and on Twitter at @pallatraxuk

To Order:
Orders must be by telephone to 01409 240 042. Please have your current Angling Trust membership number ready when placing an order. This can be found on your membership card. If you can't find your number just email with your name, building name or number and your postcode and we'll send you your membership number.

Simon Pomeroy, Pallatrax MD stated: "I'm really pleased that Pallatrax has formed this long term relationship with the Angling Trust. Within the trade it has to be our duty to support such a credible body as the Angling Trust, now more than ever, as they strive to improve and grow fishing on all fronts. Without both angler and trade support, we are potentially jeopardising the future of our fantastic sport and I'm confident that Pallatrax's involvement can only be a good thing."

The Angling Trust's Head of Finance and Business, Stuart Sharp, said: "This is a superb and generous offer by Pallatrax, which will particularly strike a chord with coarse specimen/specialist anglers. Simon's commitment to the future of fishing and his passion for innovative baits and products, is reflected in both the quality of Pallatrax's products and his enthusiasm to support the Angling Trust. We look forward to working closely with Pallatrax in offering benefits to our members and coaches, and in further raising the profile of both the Angling Trust and Pallatrax and our common aim to grow and protect fishing."

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